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As a skin specialist, Dr. Christine Brown offers laser tattoo removal in Dallas, TX. Using advanced Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers provides non-invasive laser tattoo removal with no downtime and clear, beautiful results *.

Laser tattoo removal is the only safe and effect method of removing pigment from the skin while keeping the surrounding skin safe and free of scarring. Tattoo removal at Dr. Brown’s medical practice involves customized treatment plans for every patient and every tattoo. Whether the tattoo needs to be fully removed or only faded, Dr. Brown’s clinic can help.

Dr. Brown's office features the Astanza Duality Q-switched Nd:YAG laser to provide the Dallas tattoo removal treatment that is particular to each patient. The Duality laser features a square spot beam profile to minimize potentially harmful treatment overlap and increase treatment precision. Manufactured by Astanza, the Q switched YAG laser is highly effective for the removal of pigmented lesions in addition to tattoos.

Dr. Brown now offers complimentary initial consultations for all Laser Tattoo Removal patients.

Laser Tattoo Removal Results

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Results may vary for each patient.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The process of laser tattoo removal simply speeds up the natural fading of ink. What would take hundreds of years to fade only takes a handful of quick laser treatments.

Depending upon the tattoo pigment, significant fading is attainable with five to 10 treatments without the risk of scarring *. Sessions are spaced eight weeks apart to allow for maximal fading between treatments. The laser tattoo removal process is made possible by very powerful bursts of Nd:YAG light energy. The energy is delivered into the skin and absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing it to heat and shatter. The fragmented ink particles are then flushed away by the body’s natural immune processes.

There can be temporary skin lightening at the treatment site, but this resolves within a few months. Laser Tattoo Removal treatments are fast, and they create minimal discomfort. Most treatments can be performed without anesthesia or under only topical anesthesia. The YAG laser is also used for removal of brown, age, liver or sun spots, freckles, birthmarks and more. Usually only one treatment is required *. This procedure can be performed without or only topical anesthesia. Redness is produced, which lasts from one to two weeks. Contact Dr. Brown's Dallas medical practice today to see what tattoo removal results are possible.

Results may vary for each patient.

How many treatments will I need for tattoo removal?

Many factors affect how quickly and effectively a tattoo can be removed. These factors include:

  • Tattoo age
  • Tattoo application (professional or homemade)
  • Ink color
  • Location
  • Skin type
  • Patient health

How should I prepare for my tattoo removal treatment?

It is important that the tattoo be accessible during treatment. Do not wear clothing that will rub the treatment area following treatment. Do not have plans to swim for three to four days following your treatment to prevent infection and promote proper healing and tattoo fading.

How long do tattoo removal treatments take?

The length of treatment depends on the size and color of the tattoo. Tattoos can take as little as thirty seconds to treat, and as much as fifteen minutes.

For any additional questions about laser tattoo removal, please contact Dr. Brown’s dermatology office at 214-828-0016 .

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