Bellafill Dallas Texas Bellafill® is an FDA-approved, volume-boosting dermal filler that can be used for both cosmetic and acne treatment applications. For smile lines, it stimulates new collagen growth that creates a more youthful look for up to five years. For acne scarring, it smooths out distensible scars for up to one year. Bellafill can be used on both male and female adult patients.

How Bellafill Works

For smile lines, Bellafill works by injecting collagen gel into the skin, where it can form a foundation that adds volume to wrinkles and reduces their appearance. Its polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres create an area onto which natural collagen can grow. Over time, the boost in collagen adds volume to wrinkles and reduces their appearance, creating a soft, younger look that lasts for up to five years. For acne scars, Bellafill works by adding volume to acne scars, bringing them to the same level as surrounding skin. It only takes one treatment to achieve its natural-looking, smoothing results. Research shows that 90% of patients who undergo Bellafill acne smoothing are still satisfied with their results a year later.

What to Expect from Belafill Treatments

A Bellafill treatment is a short, in-office procedure that typically takes 15-45 minutes. Once the injection is complete, you are free to return to normal activities right away. Results begin to show immediately.


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